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“Marketing tools are an absolute requirement for success online. I became a millionaire by using the marketing tools and technology I’ve assembled for you here. Do NOT take these marketing tools lightly. When used properly, they are very powerful. You can’t effectively compete in today’s fast-paced marketing environment without AUTOmation and technology. These marketing tools will give you the unfair advantage and the competitive edge you need to make a significant impact no matter your product, program, service, or business opportunity. Connect with me today to discover how to take your business to the next level and beyond!”

6,000 people requested more information in 3 hours!!!! Tons of VMs and closed multiple sales. One $6500! People at dialer company never seen such results before!
Dan in Washington


This tool is so powerful. It does so many things. It sped up my response time, my follow-up time. Just the amount of time you spent answering questions. It really impressed me. Thank you very much Britt.
Andy in Sumter


I was doing voice broadcasting and thought I was doing it right. Turns out I was doing it backwards! Britt showed me the right way and in the first week I pulled in FOUR times the sales! Thank you Britt!
Abe in El Paso

Online Marketing

Britt showed me multiple ways to market my product online and offline for measured results. I reach more people. I follow up more efficiently. I close more sales. And I have more time freedom. Thanks Britt!
Stu in Detroit

Financial Advisor

Britt I want to thank you for taking the time to help me understand and properly use the tools. The things you showed me have made a big difference for me and the people in my group. Thanks a million!
Beth in Phoenix

Team Builder

I was frustrated. What I was doing wasn’t working. After spending two hours with Britt and the things he showed me, I am excited again about my business! Britt you rock!
Jordan in Portland


Britt showed me how to automate much of what was taking me many hours each day to do. I am making MORE money and I now have my life back which includes spending quality time with my family again!
Krista in Farmington

Life Coach

Britt you really opened my eyes. I had no idea these tools were even out there. Thanks for showing me how to use them to put my business building efforts on steroids! I feel like a just bought a new corvette!
Marc in Spring City

Affiliate Marketer

The difference between lucking into a sale here and there, and consistently raking in very serious cash is how you approach growing your business. It’s that simple. I can’t state it more clearly or more strongly.

The following marketing tools are what I use to grow my business daily. I teach my success team to use them, as well as anyone else who is serious about growing their business and their lifestyle. It’s waiting for you if you want it. Do you have the courage to live your dreams?

However you landed on this page, I am glad you are here. I created it to showcase the tools and things I use daily to enjoy phenomenal success and to help you do the same.

Stop wasting time, energy, effort, and money trying to figure out where the tools and systems are and how to use them from multiple people. With over 32 years in the industry I have the experience and track record as a top earner and producer in multiple companies. I will show you everything and help empower you for real success.

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How I generated over $28,000. in 2 days

If want to make money NOW this is what you need to be looking at. Click here to watch a short overview video and then call me with any questions. I will show you how you can start making several thousand dollars weekly.


If you don’t have any Cryptocurrency you really should consider it. Here’s a link to the platform I use. It’s super easy to set up an account and get started. If you need any help or have questions just let me know.

For a very limited time you can get $50 free when you deposit $50 into your eToro account. You can share your link with others and receive $50 for each person who deposits just $50 into their account. They also receive a $50 credit.

This means you and them can receive $500 credited to your account! Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity to get $500 worth of Cryptocurrency for free!

Use my link to set up your account and then call me. I will tell you which coin I am loaded up with and why.


If you use Zoom for anything you have to check this alternative out! Better quality! Better video! Better audio! Up to 10,000 attendees! A friend put this platform together to address many user issues with Zoom. Click here to get a FREE trial no credit card needed! You will love it!

Automated Voice Broadcasting

Nobody beats this platform in terms of speed, features, and price. Dial 1,000 people per minute when you sign up through my link! More Info

Leads To Grow Your Business

I supply genealogy leads to many top producers online. Discover why they keep coming back and how to explode your sales fast! More Info

Web Design

Whether you need a website facelift or a fresh new web design from scratch, I can design just about anything you can imagine! Go here to see what I can do!

Sales Funnel Review

If your site isn’t converting visitors into buyers, your sales funnel needs work. I will review your sales funnel and show you where the problems are and how to quickly fix them! Go here to get the scoop!

Dial Smarter

If you use the telephone to connect with prospects and clients, you need this amazing tool. It’s a dialer, scheduler, contact manager, emailer, follow-up tool and MUCH more! More Info


This is the absolute best list building tool there is! It will help you grow your lists incredibly fast! Many powerful features.  More Info

Elegant Themes

I build all of my high converting websites with a theme from this source. With it you can build anything you can imagine. Excellent product. I highly reccommend it. More Info

Search Engine Optimization

Organic search engine traffic can significantly boost your sales. Go here to get details. I can help get your website ranked MUCH higher!

Send Out Cards

I’ve been using this amazing (offline / online) relationship marketing tool for many years. It’s an incredibly powerful business builder! If you’re not using it… you should be! More Info

Guaranteed Way To Make Money

Put $600. to $1,000. or MORE in your pocket in 2-3 days plus get FREE ADVERTISING for whatever you want! Don’t overlook this fun method. More Info

Promotional Clothing

Discover how to generate new prospects on-demand for your product, program, service, business opportunity… and it’s almost effortless from your normal daily routine. More Info

Domain Name Registration Search

I once picked a domain name for a guy who sold it for just over one million dollars! Discover how I did it… More Info – Domain names, web hosting, SSL, email and more.


Video increases visitor engagement by as much as 72%! It’s a must have on today’s websites. This awesome tool allows you to deliver high quality HD and 4K video without sacrifices page load speed. More Info

Audio / Video

Need custom audio or video services? I’m your hook up! I do audio / video voice overs, audio / video presentations etc. Go here and here to see how I can help you.


Aweber is simply the best. They have the highest deliverability rate for subscribed emails. It’s the one you want to use. All the rest will cost you lost sales and headaches. More Info


This is the best voicemail value. IMPORTANT: Enter “worldwidead” in the Customer Code box to get your activation fee waived! Connect with me to discover a super effective strategy to use this service. More Info

Personal Development CDs / DVDs

I’ve authored almost 200 titles… sales, advertising, marketing,  wealth generation, business strategies, personal development etc. Call for a free assessment of which titles will help you and your business grow.


Struggling to grow your business? Lack direction? Lack marketing skills? I will show you what you need to do to enjoy amazing success! Connect with me for more info.

Monthly Life Coaching

Do you lack motivation? Do you need help strategizing? Do you need someone to hold you accountable for your life goals? I’m your guy. Connect with me for more info.

Tawk - Chat Feature

Add powerful visitor engagement to your website(s). Monitor traffic in real time from desktop, tablet, cell phone! Close more sales! Connect with me to discover tips and strategies to use this great tool.


Paypal is great to receive payment for some goods and services, but not for others. Before you use PayPal to accept ANY payment, connect with me to discover a strong way to protect yourself against disputes and chargebacks.


You can get 18 gigs of FREE ONLINE STORAGE that you can access and share from any device! Easily manage your files and / or share them with anyone easily. Connect with me to discover how to do it FAST!


This amazing tool helps me to easily and quickly organize tasks, lists, and anything I want from all devices! You can collaborate on projects and much more. I use it many times per day and I believe you will love it! It’s also free. More Info


Protect your business’ reputation by tamper-proofing your critical documents through digital signatures. Avoid the signer denying they signed the signature and establish legitimacy through Signority’s digital signature audit trail. More Info
Marketing tools are the foundation of your online marketing efforts. I hope you will contact me today so I can show you how to properly use these marketing tools to build your business and grow your empire FAST! Call me for a free business strategy session to access which marketing tools you should be using to dramatically increase sales.

This will help you immensely.

This is my favorite affirmations recording. I listen to it every morning and every night. I encourage you to listen to it for 30 days and discover the difference in your wealth, prosperity and happiness.

The 528 Hz frequency is the most significant of the ancient Solfeggio Frequencies. Known as the “love” frequency, it has a deep-rooted relationship with nature, and is present in everything from Chlorophyll to human DNA. It also has mathematical significance and proven healing potential. Perhaps the most famous song composed in 528 Hz is John Lennon’s Imagine.

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